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TRISOFT's task was to develop the CRM, the booking scheduler, the automatic appointments reminders and give shape to the feedback system.

What resulted was a platform for an efficient and easy to use appointments management tool, that facilitates online scheduling for clients, customer management for business owners, and customer outreach as a personal touch to making the client - service provider relationship a great one. Encouraging productive connections between businesses and customers, makes it easy to share impressions and opinions on the services, providing a successful solution for giving and receiving feedback.

We've created this web app using Symfony, PHP, Propel ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, git AWS, Gearman, capistrano, Redis and we've ensured Stripe & Wix integration. Our input includes web development, QA and maintenance.

Radu (CEO at TRISOFT) was very organized, consultative, and approachable. He and his team were responsible for several major initiatives and projects and always came through. I very much appreciated the value they added to our company and would highly recommend again to anyone.
Ben Gonzales - Director at Store Vantage
Ben Gonzales
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