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The Mclowd Marketplace is a community of qualified accounting and finance professionals offering their services at extremely appealing rates. - TRISOFT project case study

A Marketplace in the Financial Services and Consultancy Area

The TRISOFT team has developed the web application called Mclowd, a marketplace for Australian SMSF services providing price competitive financial services to SMSF clients. Mclowd offers flexibility to SMSF Professionals, significant cost savings for clients (up to 70%) and security (personal information is protected by 256-bit encryption on AWS architecture and cloud storage).

The Mclowd Marketplace is also the ideal location to go for help with the migration of your SMSF to the Mclowd Platform. Using technology and online work practices to cut down investment management costs, the Mclowd's approach aims to improve net returns for Self Managed Super Funds by substantially reducing the costs which have traditionally been associated with managing SMSFs, particularly accounting and tax compliance.

In the process of creating this disruptive web portal, our team has used tools like Symfony, PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, git, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, capistrano and Behat. Our input included web development, web design, QA, UI/UX, DevOps, maintenance and project management.

TRISOFT successfully translated commercial goals into high quality technical outcomes in a very cost-effective manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Ashley Porter - CEO at Mclowd
Ashley Porter
CEO at Mclowd - TRISOFT project case study image 1 - TRISOFT project case study image 2 - TRISOFT project case study image 3 - TRISOFT project case study image 4

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