NFS sharing between a Mac host and an Ubuntu/Debian Guest VM

Mac Ubuntu NFS sharing...

Ever wondered how Vagrant shared folders work in the background with NFS on a Mac host?

It's pretty straight forward, so let's dive in.

Step1. Mac Host:

  • supposing that you are using VirtualBox, just add a Host-Only interface to the Ubuntu/Debian Guest VM, usually the Host-Only interface has the following gateway IP

Step2. Ubuntu/Debian Guest VM:

  • Add the followings to /etc/network/interfaces
   auto eth1
   iface eth1 inet static
  • Then
   cd ~
   mkdir myWebApp

Step3. Host:

  • First:
   cd ~/Sites
   mkdir myWebApp
  • Then add to /etc/exports/:
   "/Users/yourMacUser/Sites/myWebApp" -alldirs -mapall=501:20
  • Then restart nfsd with sudo nfsd restart

Step4. Guest:

sudo mount -t nfs"/Users/yourMacUser/Sites/myWebApp" ~/myWebApp

You should now see your Mac Host folder /Users/yourMacUser/Sites/myWebApp content mounted into your Ubuntu/Debian Guest folder ~/myWebApp.

Let us know what you think.

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